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Flight Training

Training Costs

Pro-Sky Port Augusta charges $275 per hour for flight training. Pre-flight briefings and post flight discussion are not charged.  Solo hire is $250 per hour.

You will need to join Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) and buy a pilot log book. You will also need to purchase some theory books to supplement the handouts which you will be given by the school.


Flying Requirements

When flying you will need a hat,  sunglasses and sunscreen. Also always wear appropriate footwear which is attached firmly on your feet. (not thongs)

Note. If your current medical status includes: epilepsy; diabetes(Type 1 or 2); a heart condition/disease or paralysis; mental illness(medicated or otherwise); or becoming 75 years of age or older, you must supply a medical statement from your doctor confirming that you meet the health standard equivalent to a motor vehicle driver licence. 

Getting Started


Learning to fly is not as difficult or as expensive as you may think.  Most people start with a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF), promptly fall in love with the freedom of  flying,  and  soon  want  to become an intrepid aviator.  We offer you the chance to do just that at Pro-Sky. Our TIF’s are at least 20 minutes long and you will be doing most of the flying during that time.  

Getting Your Certificate

Once you’re hooked (and you will be!) there is no turning back. Initially you’ll be required to apply for a Student Pilot’s Certificate and conduct a minimum of 20 hrs training under the syllabus guidelines. You will need to study for and pass a number of multiple choice examinations. These are; Pre-solo, Radio, Air Legislation, Human factors and Performance, and Basic Aeronautical Knowledge.  Our goal at Pro-Sky is to provide you with a relaxed learning environment, but at the same time provide you with the highest level of instruction. On completion of the course you’ll be issued with a Recreational  Pilot’s  Certificate and a set of Pro-Sky Pilot’s Wings.  

Getting Around

Now that you have your Pilot’s Certificate you’ll be able to journey 25nm away from your point of departure, but if you’d really like to get around, a Cross-Country Endorsement will be your next goal.  That involves five navigational exercises totalling approximately 15 hours and the passing of a Navigation and Meteorology multiple choice exam which, when completed, will allow you to fly anywhere within Australia outside controlled airspace.

Our Home

Imagine conducting your training with the Flinders Ranges and Upper Spencer Gulf spread before you.  That will be the case every single time you go flying.  Pro-Sky is based at the Port Augusta aerodrome right at the top of Spencer Gulf. The main runway is a sealed 1650m long strip, and when  combined  with  the airspace just south of Port Augusta as the primary training area, offers a very quiet and safe location to learn in. There is ample accommodation within the city of Port Augusta for those you who would like to attend full time.


Our School

Pro-Sky is a fully endorsed Primary Flight Training Facility under Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus).  It has been Pro-Sky’s goal since its conception in 2003, to provide the recreational pilot with a relaxed and  fun  environment within which to learn.  The whole theme of the school is based on this concept with the student lounge area, kitchenette and classroom all set on a mezzanine floor overlooking the main runway. When this is combined with the  dedication  and  experience  level  of  our  Chief Flying Instructor, the very latest  and greatest in training aircraft, and an excellent aerodrome to train from, it’s with tremendous pride that we offer  what  we believe  to  be the very best in  Recreational flight training services. 



               Reflection of Spencer Gulf                                    Flying over the Flinders Ranges

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