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How long will it take me to get my certificate?

This depends on how frequently you have lessons and how committed you are to learning the necessary theory to pass the 4 multiple choice exam papers. Some students learn more quickly than others and older people usually take a little longer than younger ones. However, I have had teenagers and people in their 70's successfully learn to fly.

What exams must I pass to obtain my Pilot Certificate?

You need to obtain 80% in the following exams to obtain your Pilot certificate.  A pre-Solo theory test, Air Legislation, Radio and Basic Aeronautical Knowledge. Human factors questions are incorporated into these exams. You also need to pass a practical Flight Test.

What about a Cross Country endorsement?

You will need to complete a minimum of 12 hours training (which must include a minimum of 2 hours solo) and pass a flight test. You will also need to pass a Navigation and Meteorological Exam.

What do I need to take passengers?

You need to have 10 hours in command of a 2 seater aircraft and complete a passenger rating flight test with your instructor.

 How old must I be to start training?

You need to be 14 to get a student pilot certificate and 15 before you fly solo. 

Will I have to start again if I want to get a General Aviation Pilot License? 

No. You will need to go to a commercial GA flying school. Most schools now accept the hours that you have done in Recreational Flying and will simply check your competence. You will need to do some hours getting used to a more complicated and heavier aeroplane and learning the procedures for controlled airspace for example. The theory exams that you passed for your RAAus certificate count for your GA Licence. You will also need an aviation class 2 medical certificate.

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