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Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)

John commenced his flying career in 1979 after experiencing the joy of his first glider flight. A week at Waikerie saw him solo and a follow up week the next Christmas holidays had him truly hooked. A move to Waikerie High school followed and over the next few years he gained his diamond distance and progressed through the various instructor levels culminating in a level 3 rating where he trained instructors.

In 1981 John gained his unrestricted Private Pilots licence which was quickly followed by an unrestricted towplane endorsement. Many evenings in summer were spent after his school teacher day job towing gliders into the sky in the Waikerie Pawnee.

Approaching 55 John decided that a change of career was required and he made plans to obtain an instructor rating in Recreational Aviation. His basic rating was obtained on a Tecnam aircraft at ProSky Gympie and this was followed by obtaining his senior rating at Spencer Gulf Sport Aviation on a Jabiru. At 55 John set up the full-time school at Port Augusta aerodrome and has used Tecnam aircraft for the past 18 years.

John now has over 6000 hours of flying experience and well over 4000 of these hours has been in the instructing role. It is still a great thrill for John when a student finally completes a first solo and experiences the joy of achieving this goal on the way to a full pilot certificate.

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