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P2002 Tecnam Sierra  Panel 
  P2002 Tecnam Sierra Picture 1


The Tecnam P2002 Sierra is arguably the best training aircraft for the Light Sport category of flying in the world. It has full dual controls (including separate throttles), cruises at 110 knots and uses 19 litres of fuel per hour. With dual tanks holding 100 litres of fuel the aircraft has a range of 400+ miles.The controls are light and responsive. Electric trim on both sticks and electric flaps as standard.The Pro-Sky Port Augusta aircraft is also equipped with a Garmin 296 GPS, microair digital transponder and Garmin SL40 radio. In addition a Dynon EFIS has been installed to introduce students to Glass Cockpit technology.The aircraft serves the needs of the school for both basic training and advanced cross country work. With its docile handling yet relatively high cruising speeds and economical fuel burn it is the complete package for Recreational pilots.

 P2002 Tecnam Sierra  Picture 2
  P2002 Tecnam Sierra  Picture 3
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