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Whether it's becoming a private or professional commerical pilot or flying for your first time, Pro-Sky Port Augusta has you covered.

Welcome to Pro-Sky Port Augusta. Here at Pro-Sky we endevour to provide the very best of flight training under the administration of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus).

Our aircraft and facilities are top class and our instructor has over 30 years of educational experience as well as over 25 years of instructing experience in both gliding and Recreational aircraft.

Every effort is made to cater for the individual training needs of students whether they be interested in learning to fly or in becoming instructors themselves.

Our weather and flying conditions are superb with views of the Flinders Ranges and Spencer Gulf and more sunshine per year than the Gold Coast.

Port Augusta offers varied cost accommodation.

Contact us - You will not be disappointed!

Flying over Port Augusta

Flying over Port Augusta

Flying up the Spencer Gulf

Flight Training

Pro-Sky Port Augusta offers flight training at $275 per hour, with solo hire at $250 per hour. Start with a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) for a 20-minute experience. After obtaining a Recreational Pilot's Certificate, explore the scenic Flinders Ranges and Upper Spencer Gulf during training at our endorsed facility since 2003.

Scenic Flights

Explore Port Augusta, a city where mountains meet the sea! Home to Pro-Sky Flight Training, enjoy major city amenities, shopping, and diverse dining. With the Spencer Gulf and Flinders Ranges nearby, it's an ideal place to learn to fly. Book your experience for safe and enjoyable training in this scenic haven.

Meet the Crew

Since 1979, John's flying journey evolved from gliders to becoming a level 3 instructor. In 1981, he gained an unrestricted Private Pilot's license and towplane endorsement. At 55, he transitioned to Recreational Aviation instruction, logging over 6000 hours, mostly on Tecnam aircraft. John takes pride in guiding students to their first solo and full pilot certificate.

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